“Bureau of Financial Studies” Consulting group (BFI), founded in 2001, is a team of highly qualified professionals with the experience of successful work in the implementation of large-scale banking projects.
BFI offers consulting services in three main areas: management consulting for banks, analytical research and investment consulting.
  • financial analysis of Russian banks and insurance companies;
  • market analysis of Russian regions and the development of strategies for entering the market of services, both for banks and for insurance agents;
  • structuring of transactions on purchase and sale of a variety of large Russian companies, expert assessment of their business;
  • preparation of information and analytical materials of economic orientation;
  • development of corporate strategies for the medium term for Moscow and regional companies.

BFI is interested in the success of its clients and assists in the implementation and maintenance of consulting products and services provided.
BFI offers its clients monitoring and regular examination of the financial condition of Russian companies, individual markets and their segments, changes in the legal environment of banking, certain macroeconomic indicators.

BFI has an extensive information base, which makes it possible to conduct research with varying degrees of depth in the subject of analysis.
Information and analytical services are rendered by experienced experts of BFI, who have significant experience and use the latest methods of analysis and forecasting BFI provides its customers with high quality services in accordance with international standards, adequate requirements of Russian regulatory authorities and the latest trends and developments in the field of banking.

BFI Consulting Group
16 Letnikovskaya street, Moscow, Russia 115114

Phone: +7 (495) 215 03 16
Working-hours: mo-fr 09:00-18:00
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